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Looking back 20 and Looking forward 20

January 11, 2020

The last 20 years were foundation time to build my professional career as a professional engineer in the building industry. The next 20 years will be the time to build something on the foundation. I love those words about the future, It is not coming to us rather future is about how we will build it in the right direction. The future does not belong to the current generation but the future generation.

The last 20 years were foundation time to build my professional career as a professional engineer in the building industry. The next 20 years will be the time to build something on the foundation. I love those words about the future, It is not coming to us rather future is about how we will build it in the right direction. The future does not belong to the current generation but the future generation.

Chap 13. Seoul International Financial Center

January 01, 2020

The project is located in the Yeouido Island district of Seoul, Korea. The project program includes seven levels below grade for both car parking and retail for an area of approximately 193,625 square meters (2,083,405 sq. ft.). Above grade will have a FAR (floor area ratio) of 9 which translates into approximately 330,120 square meters (3,552,090 sq. ft.) divided between three office buildings and a hotel. The hotel program assumes an 800 room five-star hotel including meeting rooms, ballroom and conference rooms whose functions are assumed to be below grade. 

Architect: Arquitectonica, Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti (Simon Shim, Structural Manager)

Chap 12-1. Why do we build?

January 01, 2020

What are you building? Life is about building something. Career is also what we want to build. After 16 to 18 school years, we step out to build own career in each different field. Yes, it is right. We were born to build. Now look around your friends and colleagues in school and work place. Are they building something?  Sometimes building something new takes a long lead if you are building alone.  That is why we need partners for a long journey. The partners can share story, passion and vision so they can pull each other with trust.

If you want to succeed in your field, please help others to succeed as much as you want to succeed. When you receive helps please give it back to him and others.

But if you want to go faster please carry only yourself. But if you want to go farther, please take your partners.   When you built something, please share it with the young. They need your presence and successful story for them. We sometimes are too humble.

Chap 12. Exoskeleton Structure in Miami, FL

January 01, 2020

1000 Museum located in downtown Miami is an artistic sublimation of high-rise engineer. A 702-meter high 62 story residential building, it is the work of Zaha Hadid, an architect famous for Seoul's DDP. Construction began in 2015, and now all the frame has been climbed and the interior is on full speed. Zaha Hadid, a female architect, has been awarded the Prizker Prize, and unfortunately, when the building was in full swing in 2016, she was doomed to leave her co-workers and the likes of the world's architects with disappointment. The building is transforming the Skyline of Miami, Florida. The Author was a structural peer reviewed.

Chap 11. Engineer's role and Way

January 01, 2020

Structural engineers design the human living space to stand safely. Understanding the force of nature is essential so that architectural structures can stand safely against gravity and wind and earthquakes.
Structural engineering is an application engineering based on an understanding of basic physics. There are many problems to solve when designing a structure. Sometimes engineers recognize and name problems themselves, and they lead answers based on engineering principles based on assumptions.  However, there is not always a simple clear answer, nor does it have a single answer. In traditional education, we deal only with problems that have obvious answers, but when we encounter uncertain and unclear problems, we are sometimes embarrassed and unable to touch them. That's why engineers need creative judgement based on basic physics and engineering. Over the past century, architectural engineering and construction technologies have evolved. 

Chap 10. Sky is touchable?

January 01, 2020

The sky looks high but closer to the people who are waiting for the completion of the three residential towers. The Zenith Tower creates a luxurious and modern art residential life environment in a Suyoung bay area, Busan, Korea


The Zenith towers are comprised of three residential towers (total 1,788 units in 70, 75 and 80 story) and a 9 story retail building and five story basement levels, situated on the 42,478 m2 (210m x 200m) reclaimed site in the heart of Suyoung bay area. The total gross area is 572,535m2 (389,200 m2 above grade and 183,335m2 below grade). The tower was designed by a Chicago-based architect firm, De Stefano Partners with the inspiration of the wave of Haeundae beach and surrounding mountains.

Chap. 9. What is tall building design?

January 01, 2020

Passionate collaboration is a prerequisite for creating successful buildings. In collaboration, seamless communication of the knowledge and experience of all professionals is the main fuel, knocking the long design journey together.  
The process of building, planning, designing, and constructing a building is a process in which professionals working in many industries share the knowledge, experience, and technology accumulated in the past. People say that buildings are a comprehensive art. It is an absolute artistic work that requires a lot of technology, manpower, materials, etc. Building a building is about creating a space where people live. Since the beginning, man has been resting, working, and creating space. It is one of three essential righteous, ceremonies, and weeks.  What is a skyscraper?

Chap. 8. Metapolis Story: How does tall building stand?

January 01, 2020

There is a book " How does building stand?"

We have a memory from a young age that we had played with wood or stone block to stack them up to build some structure. Sometimes the structure stands a week and Another day it doesn't last even one hour.  There is a key for built to long. It is an engineering minded structure.  

Chap 7. Highrise Buildings in Korea

January 01, 2020

In the last two decades, highrise buildings have been the main driver leading a real estate, design,  construction market in Korea. From Tower Palace III in Seoul to We've the Zenith in Pusan, the highrise buildings have formed the new skyline of each city.

Tower Palace III: SOM architect and structural engineer

METAPOLIS: Kunwon architect and TT engineer

Seoul International Financial Center:  Arquitectonica architet and TT engineer

We've the Zenith: SDMP architect and TT

Incheon Tower: JPA architect and TT


Each highrise had faced unique challenges during design and construction and successfully executed with all efforts from all participants. Each episode will be followed in the following chapter. Stay tuned.

Chap 6. Millennium Park Pritzer Pavilion by Frank Gehry and SOM

January 01, 2020

Skidmore, Owings & Merril had been working on Millennium Park Parking garage and Superstructure. SOM structural group obtained an opportunity to be an engineer of Engineer of Record for entire project including Pritzer Pavillion; Band shells and Trellis. The writer had worked on both Band shell and Trellis structures. The band shells rest on a composite framing superstructure of which roof cantilevers off 100 feet and support tree like band shells. Each band shell has unique shape geometry structurally formed with W column Rib, HSS horizontal branch, and WT diagonal bracing. The shape is cladded with architectural aluminum panel.  The writer was primary engineer that designed all band shells and Trellis structures.



January 01, 2020

By the end of the 90th year, Yeouido's 63 buildings were the highest in Seoul.  The 63 buildings were designed by the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), which was built in 1980 and completed in 1985 with a 250-meter-high office. By the end of the 1990s, the demand for high-rise buildings had begun to increase. By the 1990s, the Samsung Group attempted to promote the building in the seat of Tower Palace in Togok-dong, but for various reasons, it was not granted permission, and it was divided into Tower Palace I, II, III to build an apartment and an office building.  In 1999, phase III's Architectural Design Competition was launched, and the chicago-based SOM was selected. The initial design proposal was a 93-story building, although it is now a flat shape.

Chap 4. Strut-Tie Model for Massive Foundation

January 01, 2020

By Simon Shim and Baro-Ck

High-rise buildings have been constructed with a structural material; concrete and steel. Along with market boost, both material strengths has advanced from traditional level to ultimate level and implemented broadly. Design and construction industries benefit new technology and push a building height 800 meter and one kilo-meter as well as the structural slender ratio (building height to base dimension ratio) well beyond 10 to 20. In this Article, we would like to introduce strut tie methodology and case studies on the foundation system design and construction implementation. The strut tie methodology was implemented in a single member such as a deep beam and a pile cap designs but never been applied to mat foundation in high-rise construction until recent era. t makes it interesting? 

Chap 3. Tall Building Design: Wind and Seismic

January 01, 2020

Structural engineers who live in an era where the word skyscraper is often lacking in high-rise representation faces numerous challenges that are not experienced in the design of existing mid-to-low-rise building structures. These challenges are being solved by the efforts of engineers on going, as well as the recent development scythe of high-speed computers, structural software and construction technology. In particular, at a time when the role of engineers in designing high-rise buildings is becoming more important, two important points are written in light of the experience of designing a skyscraper structure.

September 22, 2018

21 years ago. There was one student came to Illinois States, USA with American Dream.

His dream was to obtain Master degree in civil engineering program and become best engineer in Structural engineering industry. The story turns out down and up in his journey.  After 21 years now, he wants to share his stories during journey with promising young students. g? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Chap 1. My Engineer Story I

September 08, 2018

With Caesar Pelli at University of Illinois Alumni Night

What would happen to our lives if the world had no dreams? As a child, my dreams were vague in cloud. What is a dream? Is the process of finding, fulfilling, and adding meaning to my dreams is the process of achieving what I do well, what I like, and what i want to make sense to society? If you ask why you are such a dream, I would like to say that many people dream to be happy. Because a dream belongs to a dreamer.

Time Line

April 07, 2018

Simon Shim, Han Kwon, Suk Lee, Devki Desai, Trey McCann, Lisa Daniels


We participated in Beyond Center line Design Competition for New York's Park Avenue Medians Design.

A microcosm of New York City, Park Avenue transformed from the mosaic of forests and grasslands of a Mannahatta village to the orthogonal landscape of bedrock-rooted commercial buildings today. We invite pedestrians to experience the past, enjoy the present and envision the future of the ever-changing Avenue as they walk north. The vertically undulating pathway dives below and soars above the median, and the pedestrian forgets the surrounds of speeding traffic as they experience centuries of time and space while moving at their own pace from midtown to central park.

Design concept was fuman focused city experience along the street in the past, experiencing the present, and forward-looking future 

IDA New York Exhibition

April 28, 2018

Artist, Designer, Architect, Photographer and Music composer hosted 17th IDA New York Exhibition, November 2017. The reception took place at Home Fashion Inc, Closter, NJ on November 18, 2017. 

Team HASH participated in exhibition with architectural renderings and artworks of Cheoma-Ahre.

Cheoma Ahre: Cruise Terminal Design

March 03, 2017

Architecture in Korea has been advancing and evolving radically in past decades. At the same time, there is other point of a view, which pointing out how Korean traditional aspect has been neglected in modern architecture and Korea is losing its historical value. ‘Moving forward’, of course does not mean that we just copy the old-ways and replicate the past in exact same way. We believe that it actually means that capturing the historical merit and wisdom from the past and develop that idea into the future. There certainly are great examples of traces that our ancestors has passed along in Korean architecture and it is our duty to accept, adapt and evolve to make better architecture. We look “back to the future”.

IDA New York : Frame

April 15, 2016

You design your dream and we engineer your dream. Engineer's sketches means something. t's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

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