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Future of Engineer

How can we change our earth to be a better place?

Engineers often say we contribute to solving a problem. Sometimes we may cause a problem. The solution in the old day may be a problem in the present. In past decades, engineers have developed various structural systems and technologies, that have accelerated massive construction, causing excessive CO2 emission worldwide. The side effect has created global warming that has been risking human habitat on the earth.

It is time to rethink our Earth. The earth does not belong to any generation. The present generation should take ownership and hand it over to the next generation. Surely we need to build an open-mindset, and acknowledge when we are not perfect, and ask more fundamental questions. How can we change our world into a better place? How can we prepare for the future?

So let’s rethink creativity. Creativity will give us a new opportunity.

How do we make our world a better place?

Be creative.

I believe engineers can make the world a better place together.

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