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UKC 2023 Dallas Outlook

KSEA is a non-profit professional organization in the United States.

The theme of UKC 2023 is “Discovery, Innovation and Dissemination for Transformative Impact.” UKC 2023 will offer unique opportunities for participants to actively engage in discovery, innovation and dissemination through various plenary sessions, keynote symposiums, technical and professional development symposiums, and various forums with emphasis on transformative impact on our daily lives, which have been challenged and altered through the pandemic and socio-economic impact of science, technology and entrepreneurship.

UKC 2023 will continue to promote career development of academies, professionals and entrepreneurs with 2023 Scientists and Engineers Early Career Development (SEED) workshop (August 1-2), 2023 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Symposium (IES) featuring start-up pitches and scale-up competitions (August 1-2), and 2023 Fostering Innovation with Rising Experts (FIRE) Symposium (August 3-5).

created by Simon Shim, KSEA NJ Chapter President

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