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New January Visionary Thought

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

New Year starts with new vision. Looking around and up, I found what I have been missed.

Well, ideas come from anywhere but around the corner.

One morning I went out for a walk with my dog, looking up and saw something moving toward the moon. Sure, it is an aircraft. At that moment, one song came to mind, "Flying me to the Moon" and inspired me to draw the moon instead of flying to the moon. If I can't go, let's bring it.

Questions and Thoughts

1. How to create a crescent shape in 3D?

2. Why does the Earth have only one moon not two?

3. Why are all planets in solar systems in a sphere shape?

4. Does tree recognize the Sun and the Moon?

5. When we look, we only see 2D projection.

6. Putting a frame around the object divides inner with outer space. what does it mean to you?

7. Why is Soccer ball in sphere shape and foot ball in prolate spheroid shape?

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Jul 02, 2022

Thaanks for writing this

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