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Time Line

Simon Shim, Han Kwon, Suk Lee, Devki Desai, Trey McCann, Lisa Daniels

We participated in Beyond Center line Design Competition for New York's Park Avenue Medians Design. A microcosm of New York City, Park Avenue transformed from the mosaic of forests and grasslands of a Mannahatta village to the orthogonal landscape of bedrock-rooted commercial buildings today. We invite pedestrians to experience the past, enjoy the present and envision the future of the ever-changing Avenue as they walk north. The vertically undulating pathway dives below and soars above the median, and the pedestrian forgets the surrounds of speeding traffic as they experience centuries of time and space while moving at their own pace from midtown to central park.

Design concept was fuman focused city experience along the street in the past, experiencing the present, and forward-looking future.

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